What is the Cinelab?

Cinelab is a laboratory of content created for Cinemacity


Participate in the Cinemacity creation workshop!

Respond to the call for projects by submitting your fiction-walk to Cinemacity.

3 fiction-walks (5×2 minutes each — see “What’s a fiction-walk?” below) will be produced by and aired on Cinemacity and Arte. This call for projects is open to all filmmakers in Ile de France. Candidates must e-mail their application before September 30, 2013. The application must include the following elements (in French only):

  1. A synopsis of the fiction-walk, which should be mainly composed of exterior shots (1 page maximum)
  2. A detailed explanation of the choice of film location and viewing medium (smartphone) for the fiction-walk, which must be located within Paris city limits (1 page maximum)
  3. A director’s statement of intent, which details, in particular, how the urban space plays an important role in the story. (2 pages maximum)

On October 31st, 9 projects will be selected by a professional jury composed of Cinemacity’s co-producers (Small Bang and Arte) in order to participate in the fiction-walk writing workshop. The workshop will take place over a 3-day period at Forum des Images, from Friday, November 22 to Sunday, November 24th, 2013. 


What’s a fiction-walk?

Fiction-walks are original creative films produced by and for Cinemacity.

A fiction-walk tells a story in several episodes that is set in Paris. It takes the form of a mini-series of 5 episodes of 2 minutes each that take you around a neighborhood over the course of the story.

The fiction-walks also allow pedestrian-viewers to immerse themselves in a Parisian neighborhood. The episodes are visible, via the smartphone app, while you physically walk around the very locations where the fiction-walks were shot.

Tag, directed by Ilan Cohen, is the first fiction-walk presented  in Cinemacity. Cinelab’s call for projects will allow us to produce 3 new fiction-walks by the end of 2013.


Make your own version of a movie shot in Paris, post it online on Cinemacity.

Express your talent and send us your “Swedes”!

What’s a sweded movie?
Those “sweded” films are free interpretations that reenact and parody a scene. The word first appeared in Michael Gondry’s 2008 film, Be Kind Rewind.

Here are some examples of sweded films available online:
King Kong
Pulp Fiction
- The collaborative project Star Wars Uncut
Jurassic Park