General terms of use

General terms of use

With the transmedia program “Cinemacity”, ARTE offers the website and a mobile application for iOS and Android that makes it possible for the user to discover Paris through its cinema. The user has the possibility to watch movie excerpts on an interactive map or on the ground.

Thanks to the website and the app, you can perform the following actions:
- geolocalize movie excerpts at the precise locations in Paris where they were shot
- do thematic city walks to  know Paris through its cinema
- watch geolocalized series that make you discover the districts where they were shot
- send us a “sweded” version of the films and post comments
- follow the news of Cinemacity

Every user who posts a message declares being aware and accepts the terms of use.
The present conditions can be modified at any moment by ARTE without a preliminary advice of the users. It is convenient to periodically consult the current version.
1.1. Access to the website

The website can be accessed at any moment of the day via your internet browser the above-mentioned url ; with a personal computer, a smartphone and/or a tablet that have an internet access.

1.2. Download and access to the app

In order to be able to user the „Cinemacity“ App, you are to have a smartphone with the operation system iOS or Android. You can download the app on the Appstore (Apple) or on Google Play (Google).

The app is free of charge.

The app is not available for tablets.


In order to post a sweded version of a film that was shot in Paris, to comment or to access the function “my account”, you have to register under the following conditions:
2.1 To sign up for an account

In order to sign up, you have to click on the button “Sign up” of the website and to fill in the online form with at least the following information:
- Username
- A valid E-Mail address
- a password

Being understood that:

- Just the username will appear publicly on the website in order to mark all your contributions
- You commit yourself to share valid and accurate information with us
- Any loss of the user and/or the password is under your unique responsibility
- Your account may be deleted (according to the dispositions of article 10.1) if you share inaccurate information

If you forget your password, the website can provide it to you after you clicked on the button “forgot your password”.

2.2 Siging up via Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+

The user also has the possibility to sign up to the Site via his Facebook / Google / Twitter account by clicking on the corresponding logo.
After agreeing to send his data from his Facebook / Google / Twitter account to the Site, the user account will be created and validated on the site through his Facebook / Google / Twitter identification.
It’s specified that the user will appear on the site in his Facebook / Google / Twitter identification.


To send a comment on the website, you can introduce your message in the designated field and send it, after you signed up according to the modalities described by 2.1 and 2.2.

The generated comments will be visible at any moment and throughout the lifetime of the website.

It is not possible to comment via the mobile app.

Any sending of a comment means the full acceptation of the present terms of use


CINEMACITY offers the opportunity to send short videos inspired by the movies whose excerpts can be seen on CINEMACITY.

Those “sweded” films are free interpretations that reenact and parody a scene.

In order to post such a video, you must:
- sign-up on the website
- entirely accept the present terms of use
- your movie should not exceed three minutes in lenght

It is explicitly understood that the video has to show a scene that comes from one of the movies shown on the website and the app and that it cannot exactly copy that scene, according to the article 122-5 4° of the French Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle.

Any video that should not phase with these conditions may be deleted, according to the article 10.1 of the present terms of use.


The CINEMACITY App makes it possible to geolocalize yourself within the boundaries of the city of Paris, in order to experience the excerpts and city walks directly on the ground.

In order to activate the geolocalization, click on “OK” when asked at your first connection to the app.

Your data will we stocked according to the current norms. You can repeal the geolocalization at any moment in the “Settings” chapter of your smartphone.

After having created an account following the modalities of article 2, you can:
- see the excerpts of more than100 movies shot in Paris, though the website or the application (if you are closer than 300 meters to your chosen point)
- make thematic city walks linked to the excerpts


7.1. The User who posts a contribution on the Website commits himself not to do the following:
- Violate consciously or unconsciously a local, regional, national or international law. Namely:
- All the dispositions including private life, intellectual property, media law (instigation of racial hatred, call to violence, revisionism or negationism, xenophobia), brand law and picture law;
- the legislation relative to computer and internet-fraud;
- rules that apply to public order, for example the dispositions regulating pornographic and paedophile contents;
- the legislation for the protection of minors;
- Speak/comment in the name of other persons or organizations.
- Be aggressive or excessively violent in tone.
- Deliberately divulge incorrect information in order (or not) to harm others.
- Upload and/or publish contents containing a virus.
- Harass somebody through the repetitive sending of the same or very similar messages.
- Divulge information on illegal or violent activities, or activities appealing for violence.
- Behave in a manner that might harm the image or the reputation of ARTE
- Send personal insults against other Users or/and members of the website.
- Advertise any kind of trademark without the preliminary agreement of ARTE
The user commits himself not to paste links into his commentary that would be contrary to the present terms of use.

7.2. The user also commits himself to:
- inform ARTE about any illicit content, according to the article 6-I-5 of the French law n°2004-575 by notifying it to ARTE all the information specified by this law
- provide ARTE information in case of litigation;

- React promptly to all inquiries from ARTE in case of litigation; In all cases mentioned above, the user agrees to inform ARTE, without delay, by electronic mail with return receipt to the address given in article 6 below.
7.3. The use of the content sent by a user on the ARTE website
By sending/uploading information onto the site (text, videos, photos), according to previously mentioned conditions, the User authorizes ARTE G.E.I.E. and/or one of its members to use this information, in its original form, in part or in whole, on any of the ARTE group Websites, in any known and unknown format to this day, for the whole world, given the intrinsically international nature of the Internet and for the legal duration of the protection of the author’s rights.

The User grants to ARTE:

- The right to reproduce content (s), in whole or part by any technical process, allowing the establishment, in any format, in any language, especially on the internet on the Site, or a member of ARTE in so many doubles or copies as necessary.
This right includes the right to digitize, modify, compress and decompress (s) content (s), for archiving, storage, transfer and / or communication and / or the right to make any appropriate amendments, the inherent requirements technical and artistic, for its possible inclusion on the Site or on sites of members of ARTE.
- The right of representation that includes the right of communication to the public or private (of) content (s), in whole or part, in any format via Internet on the Site or any other site of ARTE, use existing networks or to come, switched mode or not, regardless of the technical process (streaming, download), a linear or nonlinear , including a consultation on demand (VOD, podcasting) and, on any receiver (fixed, mobile …), and regardless of the technical protocol and / or standard transmission, and in commercial areas non-commercial, for receiving group or individual.
- The right to use (s) content (s), in whole or in part, for any promotional event on the Site and / or information or activities of ARTE and by all means and on all media.

Given this interactive nature of the Internet, Users are informed of the fact that their contribution may be presented in different contexts, associated with other works, be the object of partial exploitation, and must declare to accept this.
The contents of the interactive platform of this site are moderated.

The moderators reserve themselves the right to apply the above-mentioned rules banning temporally or definitively comments or parts of comments in conflict with these rules.
The moderator’s decision cannot be objected. By posting a contribution you commit yourself to respect the moderator’s authority as well as the above-mentioned dispositions.

The User guarantees to ARTE that he owns the necessary rights for the publication and/or the share of the comments he posts. This includes rights on Intellectual Property, author rights and the right of reproduction, diffusion and trademark rights.

The User recognizes that every comment he posts is under his exclusive responsibility and guarantees ARTE for any reclamation that can be made.

The User is responsible for the links he posts as well as for the contents and the products on the sites those links refer to.

ARTE cannot be held responsible for the suppression or the alteration of the posted comments.
It is expressly understood and agreed that ARTE will not be liable for any damage suffered by users and / or any third party because of:
- A dysfunction or unavailability of service for whatever reason;
- Loss of point data;
- Consequences resulting from any virus;
- A case of force majeure as defined by the jurisprudence of the French Court of Cassation.


10.1 Through ARTE France’s initiative

ARTE France reserves itself the right to immediately suspend or cancel the account of every user who does not respect the present terms and conditions.

The suspension/revocation of an account implies:

-the suppression of the account

-the interruption of the access to the functionnalities;

-the incapacity of the user to use his password;

-the prohibition to use the service again.


10.2 Through the user’s initiative

The user has the right to suppress his account at any moment, without any kind of justification, by sending an email to « ». In this case, ARTE France commits itself to delete the user’s account immediately and to send him a confirmation of the suppression by email.
The User who posts voluntarily a comment on the site accepts that these contents will be visible on the site and is informed of the fact that they can be collected. Their later utilisation is not under the responsibility of ARTE

In application of the law n°78-17 of 6th January 1978 on informatics, files and liberties, the User who posts a message on the site has the right of opposition (art. 38), access (art. 39, 41, 42) and rectification (art.40) of his contents. He can ask at any moment the suppression of this contents by sending an e-mail to «» or a mail on the following address: 4 quai du Chanoine Winterer FR-67000 Strasbourg.

In order to improve the quality of this service, ARTE uses cookies. These are small files sent to your hard drive when you connect to this website. These cookies are meant to make the user’s experience more intense. The user has the possibility to suppress them at any moment by reconfiguring the options of his browser.
All the elements of this site, i.e. the multimedia program, the texts and the ARTE player, the logos and trademarks of ARTE are protected by the legislation on intellectual property and rights on literary and artistic property on a global level.

According to those dispositions, fixed by the French Codex on Intellectual property:
- any total or partial reproduction of the website is strictly forbidden beyond the exceptions that are given by this terms of use
- the user commits himself not to modify, copy, re-publish, sell or distribute the elements of this website
ARTE France reserves itself the right to modify or to deny punctually, sporadically or definitively the access to one of the Users, with or without previous advice. The User agrees that ARTE cannot be held responsible for the modification, suppression of interruption of the site.
The present terms of use are subject to the French law. In case of litigation, the tribunals of Paris are the only competent institutions.




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